V.S.A. 23 § 1126a Depositing snow onto or across highways is prohibited

April 19th, Town Clerk closes @ Noon (training)

2018 Results of Australian Ballot

Town of Danville seeks Tree Warden

TOWN REPORTS can be picked up at Marty’s, Passumpsic Bank, West Danville Community Center, Hastings Store, Danville Recycle Center, Pope Library and the Danville Inn.  Or you can view online.

Public Hearing for Bylaw adoption

Telephone Pole Lights Out ????? click here: Contact

ATV Decals Available at Town Hall

To apply, please visit the Town Clerk’s Office, or call, for form to be mailed to you.  Decals are free of charge and available to full time residents and property owners. Click link below to view form.

ATV Registration Form & ATV Ordinance

Results of TMD Zero-Sort Recycling Survey

Discarding Syringes and Other Sharps

Test Your Tap

Hazardous Waste & Bulky Waste Day – Saturday, May 5 @ Stump Dump

Annual NEKWMD Report can be found on www.nekwmd.org

Green Mountain Conservation Camp