Replacement of 2B Bridge 6

To find out more details go to: stj2bridgevtransprojects


St. Johnsbury VT 2B Bridge Press Release

St Johnsbury VT 2B Bridge Construction Update for week of May 22, 2017

ATV Decals Now Available at Town Hall !!!

You can click the link below to view the form. You will need to come into the Town Clerk’s Office, or call for one to be mailed to you. After we receive the completed application, you will receive your decals and validated registration.  Decals are free of charge and available to full time residents and property owners.

ATV Registration Form

The Town has adopted a new ordinance Regulating ATVs. See the ordinance in its entirety:

ATV Ordinance – 2016

Discarding Syringes and Other Sharps

Seeking proposals for meeting room 2nd means of egress/securing TC Office:

Request for Proposal

Results of TMD Zero-Sort Recycling Survey

DRB Member AD vacancy