General Election NOVEMBER 6, 2018. Polls open 10 a.m. 7 p.m.  You may request Absentee Ballots until 4 p.m., November 5.  You can register to vote online by clicking below:


Sample Ballot and 2018 General Election Warning

Joes Brook Road Closure starts October 8th

Harvest Concert Sunday, October 28 @ 5pm

We encourage anyone who uses the Danville Segment of the Rail Trail to take the survey

Danville Village to Village Project Begins!

2013-2018 Graphs for Joe’s Pond E Coli Sampling

Construction Update Cabot Danville US2 Proposed Work Schedule Week of October 15th

Telephone Pole Lights Out ????? click here: Contact

Discarding Syringes and Other Sharps

Test Your Tap