Board of Civil Authority

The Board of Civil Authority is responsible for the following duties: assisting in elections, delivering absentee ballots, counting ballots, maintaining up-to-date voter checklists, and hearing appeals from final decisions of the Listers on the valuation of property.

The Board of Civil Authority is comprised of the Justices of the Peace, the Selectboard, and the Town Clerk.

The Board meets when required at the Town Hall.


Eric Bach
Douglas Pastula
Kellie Merrell
Kenneth Linsley
Ted Chase

Justices of the Peace

Eric Bach
Ted Houle
Virginia Incerpi
Dianne Langmaid (until 2/1/2019)
Jane Larrabee
Julie Larrabee (after 2/1/2019)
Kenneth Linsley
Bruce Melendy
Lindsey Mitchell (after 2/1/2019)
Justin Lavely
Robert Sargent (until 2/1/2019)
Phyllis Sweeney

Town Clerk

Wendy Somers