Conservation Commission Agenda / Minutes

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The Conservation Commission has been working on an Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Preparedness Plan and a Tree Ordinance for the Town of Danville.  Documents below are for public review and public comment.  If you would like to share your concerns in regards to either or both, please email them to

11-15-2018 EAB Prep Plan Final draft for public review

11-15-2018 Danville Tree Ordinance – for public review

One-page summary of EAB preparedness plan


Minutes 1-14-19 draft

Agenda 1-14-19


Minutes 12-3-18

Agenda 12-3-18

Minutes 11-5-18

Agenda 11-5-18

Minutes 10-1-18

Agenda 10-1-18

No September Meeting

Minutes 8-6-18

Agenda 8-6-18

Minutes 7-2-18

Agenda 7-2-18

Minutes 6-4-18

Agenda 6-4-18

Minutes 5-7-18

Agenda 5-7-18

Minutes 4-2-18

Agenda 4-2-18

No Conservation Commission meeting in March

Minutes 2-5-18

Agenda 2-5-18

Minutes 1-8-18

Agenda 1-8-18



Previous year’s minutes and agendas:  Archive Minutes & Agendas